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Ohio Law requires that every child has a safe permanent home. SCCSB will provide families with the opportunities to remain together. Should it become necessary for children to be removed from a parent or guardian, SCCSB must develop a plan for reunification unless permanent custody is requested. If the parent or guardian does not complete the case plan, SCCSB will take steps to terminate parental rights and find the child another permanent home.

Our caseworkers help families solve their problems. The law requires Children Services to investigate screened-in calls received about children who may be abused, neglected, or need protection.

Ohio law requires that the name of the person who made the referral is confidential. The children services caseworker will provide information about the reported incident and discuss any associated problems with the family.

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If a family is identified as being in need of services, by either an investigator or the Juvenile court, they are assigned to a caseworker from one of our three services units. The caseworker will work with the entire family to help implement the resources needed to strengthen the family unit. Every effort is made to help the family implement the needed changes to make sure the children remain safe in the home environment.  If a child’s safety is compromised, the child will be removed from the home. When this happens, the caseworker helps the family identify what steps need to be taken to reduce the risk so the child may be able to return home.



Intake and

Investigations Unit

Scioto County Children Services staff are available to provide educational sessions and materials to professional, civic, social, church and other community groups. 


Ongoing Unit

This unit works with the families that have been evaluated and are at serious risk of having their children removed, or have had their children removed.  The goal of this unit is to strengthen the family and provide services so that the children can return home.

This unit investigates the calls and complaints that come into the agency from the community.

Adoption Unit

This unit provides adoption and independent living services for children who are in the permanent custody of the agency.


Foster Care

This unit provides adoption and independent living services for children who are in the permanent custody of the agency.


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