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Adoption Unit

This department facilitates the licensing of homes that are interested in foster parenting and/or adoption.  This includes arranging for training hours and assisting in the paperwork requirements to become a foster or foster to adopt parent.

Youth who are in the permanent custody of the agency also has a caseworker in this department.   The caseworker works with an adoption worker to identify and plan placement.  We search for adoptive families through community resources and child-specific recruitment activities. Adoption subsidies are available for negotiation to assist families.  This lengthy process requires life changes for the child and the adoptive family, so there is much support and assistance provided from placement to finalization.

Independent Living services are provided to all youth in custody that are ages 16 and older.  These services are designed to teach youth about the responsibilities of adulthood.  Youth receive education about job skills, money management, food safety, cooking skills, and tenant's rights and responsibilities.  Many other lie skills are incorporated into the Independent Living services curriculum.  Each young person is assessed individually to determine their needs.  We have a commitment to helping each foster child emancipate from care with the skills needed to have a successful adult life.

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