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Intake and Investigations Unit

The Intake and Investigation Department takes all telephone calls and walk-ins that want to make a referral.  Suspected child abuse or neglect is often brought to our attention by a neighbor, family member, or friend.  We also receive reports from health care professionals, teachers, daycare workers, attorneys, ministers, and others who are required by Ohio Law to report.  The name of the person who contacted us can be kept confidential at their request.


After contact is made with our agency screener, the referral is staffed with the Investigation Supervisor or designee and then prioritized as emergency or non-emergency.  If the referral is an emergency we will respond immediately.  Scioto County Children Services has a caseworker and a supervisor on call 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.


This unit also provides services for any family who voluntarily requests help.  Sometimes we have problems or issues that, through no fault of our own, make it challenging to be a good parent.  Maybe there is a substance-abusing adult in the home or a child with special needs.  Please ask for help and we will provide assistance with services or referrals as needed.  


Referrals can be made on any child(ren) from 0 to 18 years of age.  If you suspect child abuse or neglect contact the agency at 740-456-4164 or after hours at the Hotline which can be reached at 354-1010.

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